Fairfield Road

Starring Jesse Metcalfe and Natalie Lisinska

Fairfield Road PosterIn one day, NOAH MCMANUS loses it all: old job, new job and fiancée.

A young political strategist and man-of-the-people, Noah was on his way upward, leaving the Boston mayor’s office for that of a high-powered senator. He was going to take his girlfriend to Cape Cod to propose to her – an engagement ring had already been mailed to The Landing Inn, in the village of Chatham. And then after leaving the mayor, he learns that the senator is being prosecuted and has resigned. To make matters worse, he discovers his girlfriend has been having an affair.

Production Details

TMN / Movie Central / Hallmark Channel


Executive Producer

Gerald W. Abrams



Susan Murdoch



Tracy Rosen



David Weaver



Jesse Metcalfe

Natalie Lisinska

Derek McGrath

Brandon Firla


Released: 2010

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