Daniel’s Daughter

Daniel's Daughter PosterGolden Globe nominee Laura Leighton (“Melrose Place”) stars in the story about how the bonds of love and family can survive the test of time. With a Gucci suitcase in one hand and the urn containing her father’s ashes in the other, a successful career woman returns to the past she has fought to leave behind, only to discover that it always has – and will – be a part of who she is in “Daniel’s Daughter”.

From Variety: “not all Hallmark Channel movies are created equal, and “Daniel’s Daughter” hews a little closer to the polished feel of what currently passes for CBS’ “Hallmark Hall of Fame”. Solid performances and scenic locations… there’s a breezy quality to the movie that goes down easily. Shot in Ontario with a heavily Canuck cast, a couple of notches above the technical aspirations of much recent Hallmark Channel fare.”

Production Details

Superchannel / Hallmark Channel Executive


Executive Producers

Gerald W. Abrams

Susan Murdoch



David Till



Tracy Rosen



Neill Fearnley



Laura Leighton

Sebastian Spence

Barry Flatman

Brandon Firla


Released: 2008

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