Dan For Mayor:
Season One & Two

Dan For MayorNominated for Best Comedy Program or Series at the 25th Annual Gemini Awards

Dan is an ordinary guy who works in an ordinary bar in an ordinary Canadian city. He’s had the same friends since grade school, his most prized possession is a vintage Pac Man game, and his last serious relationship was with a girl who’s now engaged to someone else. Dan’s life seems to be firmly on the path to more of the same… until a chance comment puts him in the running to be mayor.

In Season 2, Dan Phillips is now – almost on purpose – the Mayor of Wessex. He ran on a whim and was elected by default. Dan’s first term has started and he is unprepared, unqualified and in way over his head.

This season, Dan gets himself in trouble with the Chief of Police, a neighbouring mayor and a dodgy Ethics Commissioner. Meanwhile on the personal front, Dan haplessly navigates his way through his relationship with Claire while attempting to have a not-too-weird friendship with Claire’s ex, Mike. Dan also struggles to find time to have a beer with his old pal Jeff, the new owner of Fern’s Bar and Grill.

Production Details

CTV & The Comedy Network


Executive Producers

Mark Farrell

Paul Mather

Kevin White



Susan Murdoch



Mark Farrell

Paul Mather

Kevin White

Jenn Engels

Carolyn Taylor

Mark De Angelis

Tim McAuliffe

Tim Polley

Matt Doyle



Paul Mather

Kevin White

Ron Murphy

David Weaver

Brian Roberts



Fred Ewanuick

Paul Bates

Mary Ashton

Ben Ayres

Laurie Murdoch


Released: 2009-2011

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